Sunday, October 2, 2011

How I spent the end of my Summer vacation

Hello! It's been a while since I've updated. September was an insane month. Here's how it went down, er up. You get the idea. First of all, to the dude who purchased from us at Detroit Fanfare... You left some items behind (that you paid for in full) and we feel terrible about it! So please email me at: with a list of the items you purchased, amount, and where you are from, because those are the only details that we remember. Ok on with the show! Detroit Fanfare was awesome! We had a great time, Jon and I shared space with our friends Joe Foo and Justin Castaneda, we hosted Justin & Nicole and we all ate too much at a local all you can eat sushi bar. It was awesome. The show awesomeness started with us being placed next to Ethan Nicolle artist of Axe Cop who was as you would expect, a very cool dude. This show had eveyone! Kevin Eastman of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame was there. Ryan Lee was there too and I got a nifty sketchbook with niftier sketch from him too. Was good to see you again, been too long. Also was the first purchaser of Dedford Tales by Brandon! Williams & Ray Goode and Scott Hall's Rubber Teets. The show space was huge! Finally we can say we did a comicbook show in Detroit! Thanks to Tony, Dennis & Gary for putting on such a great show, we are looking forward to the next one!
Apooka at the Zombie Slumber Party also debuted at Detroit Fanfare! This one was down to the wire but we made it.
SPXPO was also yet another great show. Very busy and full of cool stuff. We shared space with Joe Foo (our 3rd SPX together!), Justin Castaneda and Kelly Tierney.
Disney World! Spent a week in (hot) sunny Florida! It was awesome! Finally... as a few of you know out there I've recently became engaged! And that's about it. Now back to work... Promise more activity on here in the future. +Miker