Saturday, May 14, 2011

Motor City Comic Con Day 2!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by today, we greatly appreciate it! We finally got the banner stand up and going today which was a good thing since it place was PACKED and it helped people find us. Got a couple things up for today. We reprinted Apooka The World's Most Adorable Zombie (Book 1) with a sleek new cover, there's also an updated "the end"/last page with new art. Only 2 sketches to share from today's action but they are "keepers." An Apooka in a book which we sketched in our first Motor City Comic Con three years ago! Special thanks to Lee for your Dex Starr request, we're still enjoying the Dex sketch Justin Castaneda did at C2E2. Day 3 starts at 10AM, we're at table 2053 and witness the Tower of Desmond! Hope to see you there!

Apooka Reprint Cover
Apooka sketch
Dex Starr sketch

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Chelsea Kirchoff said...

I love your drawings for the book, Mike!