Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spring Show Update Part 1: Motor City Comic Con

Hi everybody! It's hard to believe that Spring ends in less than a month, and a busy Spring it has been. Just thought we'd put up a quick update for Saturday of the Motor City Comic Con 2012. Sharing a table with Joe Foo and brother Mat Roll this year. Attendance this year is off the charts, could be related to that little Avengers movie that a few people may have seen. We rocked out some pretty cool sketches today. Apooka received the greatest compliment of all today. Someone told us that Apooka was the catalyst in getting their child to read. That's pretty darn cool. Here's some sketches and random photos from the day. Special thanks to Jesus and Gilligan for their Apooka love. Stay tuned. More to come. PS - since no one gave us any promo material for this event (ahem, Jerzy) we'd like to take a quick moment to plug Kids Read Comics! It's going to be a great event, and it's FREE. So please check it out!

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