Monday, May 21, 2012

Spring Show Update Part 2: More Motor City Comic Con

So in case you were paying attention, we're going backwards on the Spring show update. Starting with the most recent being Motor City Comic Con. The next update we'll be going back to New York for MoCCAFest and following that will be Chicago's C2E2. On with the show! So our day 2 (which was the show's day 3) was quite busy and exciting. Still buzzing from the previous day, especially the comment about Apooka inspiring a child to read a book, tired yet excited, we forged on. The attendance was really strong. There was a little more room so we had a chance to wander around and visit with some old friends ,vendors and making new friends. Then we had a visit from Flo, it turns out she approves of Apooka too. Thanks Flo! Finally the highlight of our day was getting a visit from Jimmy. It turns out Jimmy was the savvy young gentleman who purchased some Apooka books at the Detroit Fanfare Show (last Fall) and then left without them! We tried to track him down but Jimmy was long gone before you could say "bwains." So it was nice to catch up with Jimmy, he's a nice guy. Thanks again Jimmy! Thanks again to everyone who stopped by our table. Next stop: Kid's Read Comics - July 7-8. This is a free event. We'll have giveaways and you'll get to meet some wonderful comics creators. More on that to come, plus there will be a big cool announcement regarding Apooka, PLUS the rest of the Spring show update. Woohoo!

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